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If I could burn down one company in the country, I think it would be Cintas.  My every interaction with them has been dreadful; they have repeatedly proved to be lying, thieving, crooks.  Over the last couple years, every time Tom turns in a pair of pants (since they are technically supposed to launder and mend them), they don’t actually give him another pair.  He finally stopped turning them in for cleaning since they never gave them back.  Complaining to the office (who actually sign off on the Cintas receipts) brought no results.  And now that he’s asked for some more pants (again), since he only has four pairs and they are in tatters (literally), their response is that since he can’t ‘prove’ that he turned the others in, he’ll have to pay $25/pair for the six pairs he’s ‘lost.’

And this is not an isolated incident: I’ve worked three other jobs where Cintas was providing some kind of service, and at every place they lied about what they were supplying, purposely overcharged, added extra items to the bill that were never requested, and refused to give a straight answer to any question.  And their cleaning supplies are basically colored water.  They even SMELL like colored water.

Second rant for the day: I hate direct deposit and I hate being forced to use it.  It’s stupid.  End rant.

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