So many currents.... Yet such a small puddle

Simple things... small things... things we often ignore... yet they make up the fabric of our existence.

This blog is all about the joy found in everyday things.

You'll probably see flowers, cows, giraffes, tigers, random scenery, trees, Doctor Who, things that make me laugh, Top Gear, quotes, and messages to my sister, Mary Rose, who you should follow over at fairytalesanddragons.

I'm just a happy girl who lives in Ohio, works whatever odd jobs come her way, loves hanging out with her husband, and owns a really fat cat.

Sarah E. McCafferty

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I'm a tumblr stalkr :-D

Buggy update!

This is the madness of Tom’s Volkswagen Maxi Taxi project.

Someday…  someday!  It will live!

So far, though: six years of ownership has led to 30 miles added to the odometer, lol.

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