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I miss you guys!!!  Things have been super busy this week.  Tom had the week off work (well, work for which he gets paid) and we spent it slaving at the new house.  However, it was all worth it, because this place is starting to look like a house!!!  We’re actually getting excited about living here. 

I’ve always had this problem with houses, where I really like houses with lots of small rooms and nooks, but also like really open spaces.  When my parents built their pole-barn house (which is brilliant), I suddenly realized that you could have both - they’ve created numerous small sitting areas and cozy spots with minimal amounts of walls (and by that, I mean virtually no walls when we actually moved in, although we’ve gotten some bedrooms since then).

With our new house, we’ve been tearing out walls like crazy and opening the whole house up. We’ve painted the paneling and created some open spaces, despite the odd-shaped house and low ceilings.  Within that space, though, we have plans to arrange our furniture to help create more intimate areas, and we’re really excited about the way things are coming together. 

The last big project (which won’t happen for a while) is opening up the kitchen.  It’s in the middle of the house, putting two solid walls between it and the living area.  While a lot of people have encouraged us to move the kitchen to a wall, we’ve become enamored with the idea of having the kitchen at the center of our home - after all, it’s where everyone wants to hang out anyway!  We’re planning to remove the upper cabinets and have a breakfast bar on three sides, which will complete our goal of making this place super open and happy.  SO EXCITE.

Tom’s back to work today (I miss him), and I’m out at the new place, finishing up some painting and other odds and ends.  If you want to see pics, check out the blog (I’ll be posting more today, hopefully).  Someday, like maybe in August, I’m hoping to come back to tumblr because I miss it SO MUCH.  Hope everything is going well for you guys!!

So, if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been doing instead of tumbrling…

::waves::  Hello, tumblrers!  Life continues to be chaotic, and even though I really, really miss tumblr………………..

The Great Flea Insurrection struggles on.  We’ve gained the upper hand, having greatly reduced the population, but we’re still engaged with hand-to-hand fighting with guerrillas in the mountainsides.  Seriously, they’re crafty little buggers!

Tom’s taking next week off.  Originally we were going to move this weekend and spend the week nesting, but since the fleas linger on, we’re going to focus on other things, like painting and figuring out what we’re doing with our half-torn-up bathroom floor and that sort of thing.  It’s our anniversary next week (four years!), so maybe we’ll even do something fun??

Ennywho, I’m alive and plugging away and determined to someday return to tumblr.  Until then, I *have* been twittering*, although it’s quite a new experience so…  about all the blogging time I have, really.

Someday, tumblr, I will return!!

*I know it’s technically ‘tweeting’ but I prefer ‘twittering’ and it’s a free country (ish).

So bit of an unintended hiatus from tumblr (and the internet… and friends…) as the new house situation as taken over life.  I can’t remember when I last updated, but we have FLEAS and have been doing nothing but attempting to rid ourselves of them.  SO RIDICULOUS.  So yeah, today we finished taking up all the carpet in the entire house (which we were going to do eventually, just not immediately) and then literally mopping our walls and floors with flea dip (you know, like the stuff they use on livestock) and if that doesn’t kill the buggers, I don’t even know what I’ll do, but it’ll be drastic.

For now, I’m exhausted, as I always seem to  be these days, and am heading to my beloved and much-neglected bed.

Drop me a line and let me know how your lives are going!!


Scarlet Flower by: Sergey Khromov


Scarlet Flower by: Sergey Khromov

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Wanna see something funny? It’s a ghost caught on tape!

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They grow up so fast image

He was so dear to me :’( image

hallelujah he is risen indeed! image

I’m gonna go into a job interview someday and get asked about this post I can see it now


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How is any of this comfortable?

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